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290 South California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94306 | Phone: (800) 854-8996


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Keeble & Shuchat


261 / 290 S. California Avenue

Palo Alto, California


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Your Leading Camera Store in Bay Area, CA

Offering Photography Classes & More


Keeble & Shuchat Photography


In the San Francisco Bay Area and looking for photo finishing services? From developing your trusty film from your film camera, to enlargements and posters, Keeble & Shuchat has everything you need and more. Other services we offer are color passport photos, scanning services and memory card recovery.


Found some old photos that are old, yellowing, and have creases in them? Our restoration expert can make them look better than they were originally. Since each restoration job is very unique, we would need to see the picture in person and give you a free quote. When the restoration is done, you will get your original picture back, a printed copy of the restored photo and a CD or DVD with the restored photo.


Just recently purchased that new digital SLR camera, but want to take better pictures? We offer classes that will take you from not knowing what all those knobs do on your camera, to you being more comfortable and confident with your new piece of equipment. You can sign up for classes by clicking here or calling us at 650-327-8996.




Keeble & Shuchat Photography • 290 S. California Avenue • Palo Alto, CA 94306 • T: 800.854.8996 • F: 650.327.6231