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Photo printing

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Large format & canvas prints

Photo Restoration

Video Transfers

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Keeble & Shuchat


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Palo Alto, California


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Digital photo printing online at Keeble & Shuchat Photography



Bring in your JPEG, TIFF, PSD or BMP digital files and let our award winning lab make your prints. We print your photographs on Fuji Crystal Archive paper with your choice of matte or glossy finish. Orders typically take 1 to 2 days.


High quality processing and printing of your 35mm, 120 and 220 color and B&W print films is done in-store. Prints from your slides and negatives are available up to 12x18". We can also scan and archive your slides, negatives and prints to CD or DVD.


Also available are hand-printed B&W enlargements up to 16x20".


Other services, including E-6 processing, are handled by Swan Labs. Many services take only 2 to 3 working days. Call for more details. 


Below are PDFs of our various lab services and their cost. If you have any questions please contact the store directly, 800-854-8996 and ask for Photo Finishing. You can also use the email link above if that is more convenient.




On-Line Printing


Keeble & Shuchat is now offering an on-line print service from Photo Finale. The new service allows us to offer a more comprehensive package that includes a web album for sharing photos with friends and family, editing software and prepaid purchase plans. We also offer a wide array of photo products such as photo t-shirts, mugs, and mouse pads. A quick click here will take you to our new Photo Finale site.


For questions, or comments, please email 







DigitalPrint Kiosks



Three kiosk stations are available to make 4x6" glossy or matte prints from your digital files while you wait. You can also order enlargements up to 12x18”. Enlargement orders are usually ready the next day. These easy-to-use kiosks accept CDs, DVDs, memory cards, USB flash drives and most smart phones.


Want to make more prints from your prints? You can scan your prints to make more prints, or even save the files to CDs.


Our kiosks allow you the flexibility of cropping, adjusting color, contrast and brightness. You can also convert color photos into black & white or sepia black & white.
You can even add text!


Our staff is available to help you get started with these easy-to-use kiosk stations.



Large format & canvas prints


Need a big enlargement? We make large format ink jet prints in-store as large as 24x36" using HP Professional Satin paper. You can specify with or without borders. 















Need something to really stand out on the wall or a special gift? How about a canvas print? We offer these prints up to 16x20". Prices shown include stretching and mounting.




























Photo Restoration





Do you have photographs that are cracked, torn, stained or faded? Have someone that you would like removed or added to the picture? All this and more is available with our Photographic Restoration Service.


Our technician can restore faded colors, remove stains, repair cracks and tears. Even repair missing pieces!


Due to the fact that each restoration job is unique, please bring your picture to the store for a free quote. Upon completion along with your original picture, you will receive a printed copy of the restored image and a CD or DVD containing the restored image.


Our restoration expert is typically in the store Tuesday through Saturday.




















Video Transfers


Movie Film

Technicians will clean, repair damage, edit unexposed sections (5 seconds or more) and splice your film onto a 400 foot projection reel. We will add titles (limit 1 title per 200 feet) and background music at no extra charge. Regular 8, Super 8 and 16mm films sound or silent can be transferred. Approximately 1600 feet of 8mm or 3200 feet of 16mm can be transferred to one DVD or video tape. All you need to do is to number your reels of film in the order you wish them to appear and indicate where you want the titles on the back of the order form.

Slide Transfer

Using our exclusive PV™ Digital Technology your slides are digitally transferred onto a DVD or an extra high grade video tape. Each image will smoothly dissolve into the next image at 8 second intervals. Approximately 800 slides can be transferred onto one DVD or video tape. Please number and rubber band them securely in stacks of 50. Indicate the title you wish on the backside of the order form. Limit one title for every 30 slides. Music can be added at no extra charge.

Photo Transfer Information

Again, using our exclusive PV™ Digital Technology each image fades to the next. With photos we individually compose the subject to fit the TV screen any size photos up to 11x14 are acceptable. Music added at no charge. Please number each photo on the backside. It is always best to use a soft lead pencil. Indicate the titles you wish on the backside of the order form. Limit one title for every 30 photos.



8mm, Super 8 and 16mm

$0.15 per foot

Slides (digitally scanned)

$0.50 each

Photos (digitally scanned)

$0.50 each

PVTM Digital DVD


Plastic 400 foot reel with cover


Frame by Frame Film Scanning

$0.34 per foot



High Definition Blu-Ray Disc


Video Files to Customer’s hard drive

$24.95 per hour

DVD Duplication single copy 


Video Tape to Video Tape (VHS Tape included) 


Minimum Charge per order 







Keeble & Shuchat Photography • 290 S. California Avenue • Palo Alto, CA 94306 • T: 800.854.8996 • F: 650.327.6231